Original Matted Calligraphy Collage

These three images are samples of my original matted collage pieces. Each collage is individually hand lettered in gold gouache (opaque watercolor) on a cream colored text wove fine art paper, with collage work in various color schemes, consisting of decorated or handmade papers, beads, charms, wire, or fibers. They are then matted with ivory or black rag (archival) 8x10 mats. (Click on an image for a larger view.) Custom pieces are available. Quote suggestions are always welcome!


Beth Lee said...

These pieces look great! I love the colors. They make me want to get out the collage box and have some fun. I'm so excited that another calligrapher has entered the blog world.

Ann Van Tassell said...

Hi Cindy! you blog is delightful. I'll check back soon but I wanted to say "Great Job!"
Doodles of cheer,

teri said...


your blog looks great... beautiful artwork, my friend! can't wait to see more..

love, teri