Finding new Joy

Weaving has become one of my new passions, with a wonderful 45 inch floor loom taking up space in my home and my heart. Here are a few of my recent projects.

I am still taking calligraphy commissions on a regular basis, but I also hope to add some handwovens to my collection of items for sale in the very near future. In my spare moments, I'm working on a BA in English and working part time outside the studio. :) So, as you're planning those special gift ideas during the next few months, please plan ahead so that I can give your hand lettered custom work the time it deserves. :) As always, I try to turn projects around as quickly as possible after receiving payment.

What new and exciting calligraphic projects do you have in mind? Please feel free to send me an email with your ideas and inquiries. Hand lettered mats with extra openings for photos have been very popular lately, since they make quick and easy personalized gifts. And small hand bound books (see post below) are also perfect for Valentine's Day, or just any day!

Until next time!

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Catherine Langsdorf said...

How great to be taking on a new art form!