Hand Lettered Calligraphy Concertina Books
When it comes to JOY

When it comes to joy in the process, these little gift books are my very favorite gifts to create for customers. They are more time consuming than some of my other work, because each book is hand lettered in gold gouache on cream colored artist quality "wove" paper, and then bound by hand, with a variety of decorated or hand made papers from my stash. The collage work on the front is similar to the square design on the note cards, with each piece wrapped in metallic thread and attached to a square of coordinating paper. (Click on the images for larger views.)

Each of these 3 1/2 inch square accordion style books (also known as concertina books) is packaged in a matching sheer drawstring bag, and no two are exactly alike. My customers are free to choose one of my suggested quotes, or, better yet, request their own favorites. Personalization is also an option. Usually, quotes between 17-34 words are best, not including the credit. If you are interested in ordering one or more of these little gems, please send an email to request details.

I love to do custom work, because it gives me the opportunity to help make special occasions more unique and memorable.


Beth Lee said...

What a great idea, Cindy! I've done a few little accordion books something like these (no collage on the front, though -- I like that) for clients, and they're a pleasure to do.

Toni said...

Hi Cindy
hey your blog is looking great! Love what you have been doing. i finally got a link on my blog to yours in fact i started a calligraphy link line with you Beth and teri. Now we need to find some more calligraphers who blog. Then we can start a web ring similar to the illustration one i belong to.
i have you and Beth on my bloglines also

Jack Meis said...

Hello Cindy,

A very nice informational post you shared.Keep on making such important blog post.And I am really glad to find this kind of post I will definitely try this.

Thanks For Sharing.